You can integrate your Freddy Self-service bot with your Freshchat accounts to serve your bot on Freshchat ’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bot). Integrating your Freddy Self-service bot with Freshchat enables you to move incoming chats between your agents and bots. When your customers are talking to your bot and need a live agent, your agents can take over. Once the agent resolves the ticket, the conversation is handed back to the bot.

You can either use the native Self-service bot widget or use the Conversations widget. 

Each of the customer-facing widgets has specific features. Prioritize your needs and use-cases before making a choice. Here's a short summary:

Using the Conversations widget
(Freshchat + Live Agent assist)

Using the Freddy Self-service bot widget
(Bot widget + Live Agent assist). Learn more.

Deploying the bots on WhatsApp

Deploying the bots on Facebook Messenger

Input options like carousels, dropdowns, media, and rich text inputs are supported by the Conversations widget

Input options like date/time picker and rating are supported by the bot widget

If you already use Conversations widget features like Triggered Campaigns, Co-Browsing, FAQs, and Topics.

If you want to make use of client-side actions or custom parameters

Bots can be deployed in mobile apps using the Freshchat SDK.

Bots can be deployed in mobile apps using WebView.

Please write to if you have any more questions, we'll be happy to help you.