Once you have finished configuring your bots using Freddy Self-service bot builder, you can deploy your bots on your website in five easy steps.

Note: If values are not passed for mandatory parameters, the bot widget will not load. To avoid this, you can prefill a default value for mandatory parameters in the Generate script page

  1. Click on Generate Script on the menu.

  2. Toggle the parameters that you will be using in your bot. You can also choose to mark them as mandatory.  If you're not using any parameters, you can skip this step.

  3. The bot widget script is automatically generated when the page loads. However, if you're making use of any parameters, click on the Generate Script button to regenerate the new script that includes the code for the parameters you’ve included.

  4. Once the script is generated you can click on copy to copy the bot widget script.

  5. Paste the bot widget script into your website or product, where you want the bot widget to show up.

Once you embed the bot widget on your website or product, any changes that you make on the bot builder will automatically reflect wherever you embed the bot widget. You no longer have to update every instance of code to make a change across all the instances of the bot.

You can also choose to have the bot show up in all of your support channels. Click here to learn more about deploying your bots on different support channels.

Please write to freshbots-support@freshworks.com if you have any more questions; we’ll be happy to help you.