Every conversation your bot has with your customers is recorded as a ticket in the bot builder. This includes all the conversations that the customers initiated.

You can pull out reports based on conversation statuses, the number of messages in those conversations, the time stamp on each message delivery, etc.  With this data, if you come across conversations that are open or new, you can quickly attend to them. You determine the source of conversation, which gives you context on the traffic across channels and origins.

How to access this report?

  • Click on the Analytics icon on the left pane

  • Choose Curated reports

  • Select Conversations In-Depth report

  • Click on the Editing view

  • Choose the required filters and get the data.

Some of the filters with which you can categorize the conversations are:

  • Customer: You can filter the conversations sent by each customer.

  • Landing URL: You can find the URL through which the customer initiated the conversation.

  • Channel: You can filter using the Channel or the origin through which the conversations were created

  • Created date: You can filter the conversations made on a specific date.

  • Status: You can check if the status of the conversation is open, new, or closed.

  • Bot: You can filter the number of messages by each bot set up in the account.

  • Bot version: You can choose the version of the bot and get the conversation details in it.

  • Flow: You can filter the flow type and get the number of messages in that.

You can also create your own Conversations In-depth report by applying widgets, filters, visualization, and much more. Learn how to build your report →

Please write to freshbots-support@freshworks.com if you have any more questions; we’ll be happy to help you.