If you’d like to export your bot data to AWS instead of receiving it via email, we can help you do so by pushing all your data to S3. Amazon S3 can be employed to store any type of data for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data archiving, etc.

Owing to security reasons, we do not share files using secret key auth, so please add our IAM prod user in your AWS for permissions.

Our IAM user: arn:aws:iam::103813748112:role/aws-opsworks-ec2-role

Once this is done, we will need the following information from your end to complete the process:
  1. The frequency at which the data should be pushed (max throttle 15 min)

  2. URL of your S3 bucket

  3. Region of your AWS S3

  4. List of reports that need to be pushed

  5. Bot name and version to be scheduled

  6. Email address to which the scheduler notification is to be sent. This email address should be a user in the chatbot builder account.

The reports will be pushed as a zipped file. The name of the file will be of the format: Botname_version_date_Time_uniqueidentifier

For example: SupportBot_V1_27_03_2020_06_02_50_PM_VOlqgEOz5U. Extracting this will give you the report in CSV format. 

Note: We are only able to share the report in CSV format.