Your brand design is essential. It conveys a lot to your customers about you. You’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort into your brand design. This brand design should naturally extend to all the support channels that you offer to your customers. To help you with this, Freddy Self-service enables you to customize the bot builder to be in sync with your company’s branding. 

A quick guide to customizing your bot widget:


  • Login to your chatbot builder as an Admin/Owner > select the bot > Customize. You’ll see three sections on this page:

  1. General
    You can customize the look and feel of your widget on this page:

    1. Give your bot a name and a brand message under Title and Sub-title

    2. Choose a theme color for your widget. If the text isn’t clear, you can choose to invert the text color.

    3. Choose a background pattern and set up an avatar icon for your bot. The Recommended size of the bot avatar is 25x25px

  2. Position & Behavior
    Customize the placement of the widget on your webpage/support portal:

    1. Widget position: You can position the bot either on the bottom left or the bottom right of your page

    2. Set widget notifications: You can choose to toggle a notification sound and a browser notification whenever there’s a response/update on the bot

Note: Make sure you click save once you’ve completed customizing the bot. If you’ve already embedded the bot on your website or product, clicking save will automatically update how the bot looks and behaves.

Please write to if you have any more questions; we’ll be happy to help you.