Multiselect in the bot builder allows users to select more than one option as applicable in a bot conversation. Restricting customers to a single select radio button might not make sense for a lot of use-cases and questions. The ‘Multiselect’ feature helps you tackle just that. 

A few example use-cases: 

i) In the case of scheduling appointments, the organization might want its customers to choose more than one convenient time slot. 

ii) In the retail business, the customer can have questions or issues with multiple items in an order, or choose to request a refund for multiple orders they'd placed earlier.

iii) If you are a travel agency, your customers can pre-book their meals, upgrade their seats, and opt for priority check-in for their flight.

iv) In a banking scenario, customers can choose to apply for a debit card, credit card, and a checkbook at one go.

Hence, it is important to provide customers with the ability to select all relevant choices to provide enough context. This will help optimize the support provided by the bot. 

The 'Multiselect' feature is now available for the following input types:

  • Carousel

  • Drop-down

  • Button

A quick guide to enabling ‘Multiselect’:

  • Log in to your bot builder account as an Admin/Owner

  • Select the bot you want to edit from the bot list page

  • Choose the required dialog for which you want to enable this feature

  • Under 'Input type', if you have any of the above-mentioned input types (carousel, drop-down, or button), you will see the 'Multiselect' checkbox against it

  • Select the checkbox to enable customers to choose multiple options as inputs/answers for that particular dialog/question

When 'Multiselect' is enabled for a dialog, conditional flows under the 'Conditions' tab can also be configured based on the values selected.


Our example is a typical support use-case, where 'Multiselect' has been enabled for the Button input type.