Versioning enables you to create and manage multiple releases or versions of the same bot. If you want to add or optimize existing workflows in a published bot, you can create a new version. Once you have configured and tested the latest version of the bot, you can go ahead and publish it to your customers.

The bot script will only load the published version of the bot at any given point of time. This helps in creating a seamless management and deployment process in your bot builder account.

A bot version can exist in any of the following three states:

  1. Draft: A version of the bot that has not gone live and has never been published. Usually, the latest version of the bot will generally be the draft version before it gets published.

  2. Published: A version of the bot that has gone live and can start interacting with customers. The bot can have only one published version at any instant of time. Whenever the bot script is loaded externally (in a webpage/app), the published version of the bot is available for customer interaction.

  3. Unpublished: A version of the bot that was once published, but rolled back due to a different release or issue.

The following modules are subject to versioning:

  • Holistic View
  • API Library
  • Conversations
  • Multilingual
  • Quick Actions
  • Custom parameters

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